Have Gun Will Travel Side Mexican Kicks

Have Gun Will Travel Side Mexican Kicks


Throughout history, the art of martial arts has evolved and diversified, encompassing various styles and techniques. One such technique that has gained recognition and intrigue is the “Have Gun Will Travel Side Mexican Kicks.” This article aims to explore the origin, mechanics, training methods, and potential applications of this unique form of martial arts. Drawing on anecdotal evidence, scientific research experiments, and observation, we will unravel the complexities of this technique and shed light on its significance in the world of martial arts.


The Have Gun Will Travel Side Mexican Kicks technique traces its roots back to ancient civilizations, where warriors sought to develop versatile and innovative combat methods. The technique combines elements from different martial arts disciplines such as karate, taekwondo, and capoeira, blending precision, speed, and agility into a single powerful technique.

A famous anecdote recounts how Mexican masters in the late 19th century devised this technique to express their deep respect and admiration for cowboys from the Wild West, whose resourcefulness and quick reflexes resonated with them. Inspired by the cowboy’s ethos of “have gun, will travel,” they designed this technique as a symbolic tribute to the spirit of the West. Over time, the technique transformed and evolved through the contributions of different martial artists, incorporating their own unique interpretations.


The Have Gun Will Travel Side Mexican Kicks technique primarily focuses on swift leg movements executed from various angles and positions. It involves generating tremendous power through the rotation of the hips and the coordinated extension of the legs. The practitioner launches a series of swift kicks towards the opponent’s vital points, employing pinpoint accuracy and incredible speed.

Although the name suggests the use of firearms, it is metaphorical and does not involve actual weapons. Rather, the concept alludes to the speed and precision associated with gunslingers, emphasizing rapid execution and unwavering focus.

Training Methods

Mastering the Have Gun Will Travel Side Mexican Kicks technique requires dedication, discipline, and rigorous training. Here are some key training methods employed by practitioners:

  • Footwork drills: Practitioners engage in footwork exercises to enhance agility, balance, and coordination. These drills aim to develop quick reflexes and the ability to swiftly maneuver during combat.
  • Target practice: Practitioners practice kicking targets placed at different heights and angles to enhance accuracy and power. This training method helps improve the precision and control required for effective execution.
  • Partner drills: By engaging in partner drills, practitioners simulate real combat scenarios, allowing them to apply the technique in a controlled environment. This training method enables the refinement of timing, distance management, and defensive maneuvers.

Potential Applications

The Have Gun Will Travel Side Mexican Kicks technique exhibits immense potential in various martial arts contexts. Its versatility allows for both offensive and defensive applications. The rapid and powerful kicks make it suitable for self-defense situations, enabling the practitioner to quickly incapacitate an opponent.

Furthermore, this technique’s dynamic nature makes it a valuable asset in competitive martial arts, such as kickboxing or mixed martial arts (MMA). The ability to launch swift, unexpected kicks can catch opponents off guard, providing an advantage in terms of scoring points or achieving victory.


The Have Gun Will Travel Side Mexican Kicks technique stands as a testament to the diversity and ingenuity within the world of martial arts. With its origins shrouded in ancient history and its mechanics rooted in precision and speed, this technique holds both symbolic and practical significance. Through rigorous training and dedication, practitioners can unlock the full potential of this technique, utilizing its power and versatility in self-defense or competitive settings. The art of martial arts continues to evolve, and the Have Gun Will Travel Side Mexican Kicks technique is a shining example of its ever-expanding repertoire.

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